Head: Scalpel
Torso/Arms/Upper Legs: CLAWS Commander
Waist: Dusty v7
Lower Legs: Overkill v2

Gun: Chap Mei
Helmet: Burn Out

Number 18 of 48 in my complete Action Force customs

Why do they spell Shadowtrak like that? All just part of life's rich pageant. There's virtually no resemblance between this guy and the original Red Vulture, who was simply a Red Shadow with black hands. Wanting to create a unique image for the character, I started from the base of using the Burn Out helmet as a racing driver's helmet, and built up from there. I had a go using an Iron Grenadier's head and the Barrel Roll torso, but it looked appalling, and so I abandoned it and started again more or less from scratch. The CLAWS Commander figure is a splendid work, and the torso had just the look I was seeking. I decided that it would be fun to unmask the character, and I gave the Scalpel head a racial change to hide its origins. I added a note to his filecard, with no supporting evidence from the original toy or comics, I must admit, to account for this.

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