Head: VvV Stalker
Torso, arms: VvV Gen. Abernathy
Waist, legs, pistol belt: VvV Leatherneck
M-16: Comic Pack Cobra Trooper
Pistol: ST Lady Jaye

Col. Courage

Tactical Commander

File Name: Mewett, Cliff V.
Primary Military Specialty: Tactical Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Logistics
Birthplace: Boston, MA
Grade: O-6

A man with a penchant for uniform detail and military regulations, Col. Courage is no less a capable and strong leader, someone who presents a hard outer shell but proves to have a sly sense of humor and is amazingly approachable once his respect his earned.

Adaptable, he easily sets aside his sometimes bureaucratic nature to suit the situation and is not afraid to stand up and get his hands dirty in taking the fight to the enemy; at the same time he disdains needlessly sacrificing men to achieve any goal when other means will work better, regardless of what the regs say.

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