Head: Star Wars - Attack of the Clones Darth Tyrannus (Force Flipping Action)
Torso/Arms/Waist/Legs: Dr Mindbender v5

Gun: Action Force Baron Ironblood
Helmet: Astro-Viper v1

Number 34 of 48 in my complete Action Force customs

Well, it took nearly twenty years, but Hasbro finally produced a version of Dr Mindbender that was actually worth owning. As soon as I saw him, I had him down for the Baron. There's a slight change from the Baron's original design, but the overall colour scheme and general concept remain more or less accurate. I apologise for the rubbish skull and crossbones; I'm not very good at that sort of thing. For the head, I turned to Star Wars, with Christopher Lee proving inspirational. For some time, I contemplated not giving him a helmet, as it's the worst part of the original figure. However, I accepted in the end that he wouldn't be complete without one. After a few abortive attempts with card and putty, I compromised on the Astro-Viper helmet, and it seemed to paint up quite nicely. I rationalised that he's like Cobra Commander, and only wears the helmet in battle. Just for the record, though, this is one of my least satisfactory figures; the white paint was a nightmare to use. For now, this is the best I can do, but given time, I may work to produce a new and improved version.

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