Head/Torso: Wet Suit v1
Arms: Shipwreck v1
Waist: Corps
Legs: Eel v1

Flippers/Gun: Depth Charge v1
SCUBA Pack: Action Force Barracuda (modified)

Number 39 of 48 in my complete Action Force customs

Nothing very exciting going on here; a frogman made out of spare bits and bobs. As I said in the submission on Shark, I'm not greatly fond of the diver characters, so I make rather less effort on them (at least I'm honest). This figure uses Wet Suit's head again, but it's a nice design, so I don't feel too guilty about it. The original version used Depth Charge's legs, but they looked wrong due to that Spy Troops scale issue, so I went for the Eel instead. I added the slightly modified pack from the original figure to give him more of an Action Force flavour.

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