Head: Duke v13
Torso/Arms: Leatherneck v3
Waist/Legs: Snake Eyes v17

Gun: Dr Mindbender v5

Number 45 of 48 in my complete Action Force customs

Like GI Joe, Action Force had its large scale predecessor, under the name of Action Man. Recently, the GI Joe range immortalised the character as a 3 3/4" version as part of a Night Force set. He was a repaint of Tracker, but since I couldn't get hold of him, I thought it would be appropriate to add him to the Action Force roster as a special additional agent. The Leatherneck figure is one that I like, but he just isn't Leatherneck, so after his head went to my Z Force version of Steeler, I wanted to make use of the torso, and this seemed to work. As Action Man is the Action Force version of Snake Eyes, the man who can do anything (and is about as boring), the legs are some sort of tribute.

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