Head: Roadblock v9
Torso/Waist/Upper Legs: Iron Grenadier v2
Arms: Sgt Hacker
Lower Legs: Cross Hair v1

Gun: Zartan v4
Shoulder Pad: Iron Grenadier v2

Number 4 in my Devil's Due customs

The numbering is something I've introduced retrospectively. Having nearly completed submitting all of my Action Force customs, I've started on two new projects, of which this is one. I've already done three others in this range, so just for the record, number 1 was Mistress Armada, number 2 is Dr Cassandra Knox and number 3 is Demolisher (who only appeared briefly in DD issue 38 but who can bump up the numbers). Many more to come (promise or threat?).

This chap was originally devised as a companion piece to Mistress Armada. The uniform is not particularly redolent of any of the comic looks (he had quite a few), and I really didn't like the silver mask look (never cared for it much for Destro himself, either), so I recreated him as more of an actual full member of the Iron Grenadiers.

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