Parts used for the head:
Big Ben v1 head from the ears down
Sure Fire v1 head from the ears up
Headman v1 ponytail
Epoxy putty goatee and some hair
Twist tie glasses

For my Joe-verse body:
Torso: Sure Fire v1
Arms: Low Light v5
Legs and Waist: Low Light v5
Gun: Big Brawler
Backpack: Snake Eyes v9
Sword: Storm Shadow v6
Case: Some knock-off

When I made my original self-custom, it was to free me up to do other customs of myself *really* in the Joe-verse. So, today I made a new head (without a hat this time) and threw together a LBC body so I could really do stuff with this and now I have a Beav as a Joe custom. Of course, via head-swaps I can now pretty much have any uniform I want.

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