Head: Big Brawler (SpyT)
Torso, L. Arm: Switch Gears
R. Arm: Grunt (SpyT)
Waist: 1982 Joe!
Legs: Duke (SpyT)

This particular custom is 'incidental', to represent when the Joe team finds him.

Trucial Abysmia marks the first divergence between my story, and the comic books. After losing a tenth of their force during the Trucial Abysmia/Behnzeen war, the Jugglers shut the unit down and the US threatened an actual full military invasion of Cobra Island and (covertly) a bounty for the death of Cobra Commander. Later, when the bounty was dropped to budget cuts and the threat of Cobra seemingly ended, CC returned with a new scheme and the Joes were recommissioned in response.

However, what no one knew is that one of the initial seven dead Joes, each burned horribly when the stolen Rage crashed, was not Breaker. Instead, it was a nomad, one of a scouting party who wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time. The remainder of the group pulled Breaker away from the fighting to give him first aid, but were unable or unwilling to reveal their presence to the Joes or Cobra.

Breaker eventually recovered and traveled with these nomads, until they had themselves been captured by the terrorist group Al-Harzeen. Breaker was forced into translating CNN reports for the terrorists, who refused to learn English themselves.

Amid these translations and missives Breaker coded secret messages for help, as well as made small 'errors' to hamper the terrorists' plans. One such plan was foiled by the Joes, who found Breaker's coded SOS.

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