Head: Countdown 89
Torso: Deep Six 92
Arms: Deep Six 92
Waist: Deep Six 92
Legs: Deep Six 92

Mask: Wet Suit 02
Backpack: Wet Suit 02
Under Water Light: Wet Suit 02
Spear Gun: Cobra Commander 02
Fins: I don't remember

After finishing up my Depth Charge custom and being pretty happy with it, I decided to use the other extra 1992 Deep Six I had to make Torpedo. I have always felt that the Countdown head looked a lot like the way Torpedo looked when he would appear in the G.I. Joe cartoon series. I wouldn't mind a couple more of those Deep Six figures to do Wet Suit and Wet Down as well. It's a nice mold but the feet are rather large and don't fit the majority of the swim fins available.

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