Head/Arms/Lower Legs: Razorclaw v1
Torso: Neurotoxin
Waist: Zartan v4
Upper Legs: Overkill v2

Gun: Roadblock v9
Rifle: Major Bludd (Chinese variation)

Number 1 of 20 in my Team South America project

I like projects; I find it much more fun to construct a linked set of characters than just random figures here and there. After completing the Action Force set, I was scouting around for new stuff to do. One project is my set of devil's Due figures, which is already underway, and to stay international as a link to the Action Force set, I decided that it might be fun to enter the lunatic world of South American figures. After devising a quick overarching theme based loosely on some of the ideas in the DD comic, I set to work with nineteen of the best known figures (plus one interloper), ten for each side.

Wanting a commander for each team, I chose Abutre Negro, mainly because the other alternatives were ninjas, lone assassins, or just too weird. He's my favourite of the project, a nice approximation of the original figure using the new parts. The original figure saw the head of Dee-Jay on the Cesspool torso. The V vs. V figures were very useful in the replication of the original design, and I complimented this with versions of his original weapons.

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