Figure: Showdown Namor with modded Star Wars B-Wing Pilot's head
Hands: Swappable MicroMan
Shortened calves/ankles

MacArthur Ito grew up the son of mixed Japanese/Korean parentage, in L.A.'s Watts community. As a way to avoid the pitfalls of being a teen in the rough urban jungle; he turned to martial arts and quickly rose to be a national tournament champion in his mid-teens.

Meeting Danny Rand at such a tournament after Danny had settled in NYC's Chinatown and opened a dojo; in fact it was Danny that remarked to him, "Man, that's a quick kick you've got!" Mac also met Shang-Chi throuh Danny. Exactly the extent of techniques Mac may have learned from them remains to be fully demonstrated, this author believes. After seeing Iron Fist in combat on television, Mac recognized him as Danny Rand due to his fighting style. It was meeting these two and seeing Danny in action as Iron Fist that caused Mac to want to use his skills for good, and not just for show.

Long thought to be dead, it's been revealed that Mac has been undercover as an Army PT Instructor in North Korea for the past 2 years.

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