Top half: DTC SAW Viper
Bottom half: DTC Barrel Roll.
(Pretty simple, no?)

Gear and weapons by bbi

The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, otherwise known as NAVSPECWARDEVGRU, the NSWDG, or simply as DEVGRU, is the United States Navy's premier Counter-Terrorism unit. It is officially stated to have been formed after SEAL Team Six was "disbanded".

However all SpecOps operators know SEAL Team Six was not disbanded, just retasked. As the G.I. Joe team.

Each member of the G.I. Joe team has a specific mission specialty within the many tasks and trainings of a Navy SEAL.

V.B.S.S. Visit, Board, Search, Seize.
The idea is to board vessels under way at sea, look for illegal arms, drugs and wanted persons.

You can see from the front view, he has an extra pair of gloves for "Fast-roping" out of helicopters straight onto the decks of ships. From the back you can see his flare, ammo pouches and jump kit. If you look close you can see his Maglite on his right leg. You can also see the D-ring for his harness used for extracation from ships via helicopter. The entire team clips into a rope hanging from a chopper and are flown off just hanging from the rope. Quite a site.

He carries a G-36 with grenade launcher, an HK MP-5, SOCOM .45 and a shotgun, plus rope gloves and gear. Good to go!

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