Head: Chap Mei Bad Guyz
Torso: Swamp Rat v1
Arms: Dart v1
Waist: Buzzer v1
Legs: Tunnel Rat v4
Gun: Viper v11
Shoulder pads: Overkill v2

Number 7 in my Devil's Due customs

The second in my set of the new Red Shadows and largely because of that tattoo easily the most difficult. Trying to get the sense of a huge hulking body shape was also none too easy, so I went for height in the end, with those ridiculously overlong Tunnel Rat legs, and the most muscled arms that I had available. I tried a version using the Zartan head and torso for a while, but it never looked quite right, so I started again using Swamp Rat. Given that the Swamp Rat figure is absolutely dreadful, I've now managed to use almost every part of it (lower legs and head are on the way), which I consider to be something of an achievement, as it is truly less than the sum of its parts.

As for the dreaded tattoo, the biggest problem was making the damned thing symmetrical, but I think it's a reasonable final result given my inability to paint detail (my hand shakes too much; legacy of a life of wine, women and Doctor Who). Overall, he lacks the bulk that I would like to have seen, and he's actually ended up about the same height as my Wilder Vaughn custom, but he's not too bad.

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