Head: 1992 Roadblock
Chest: 1989 Countdown
Arms and lower legs: Blocker
Waist: 1986 Hawk
Upper legs: 1987 Mercer

I was wondering what I could do with all of the pieces that I've accumulated and just couldn't ever see using for any custom. The parts that are just too strange to see using on many customs.

The Master Collect set this year brought us the Coil and I was inspired. Unlike the DD comic book appearances, The MC set featured the Coil characters in a grass green/gold/black color set. I might be mistaken, but it seems like the coil members wore burgundy outfits. Burgundy/red/black may not be as practical as green, but it sure seems more sinister- so I went with it.

The head is from the 1992 Roadblock. The sculpted hair and mask, along with the different flesh tone, help establish a new look.

Blocker's arms/lower legs and Countdown's chest are good examples of strange pieces that are too stylized to get much normal use out of. However, they pulled together here.

Thanks for looking.

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