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Head: Zartan (modified)
Torso: Serpentor
Arms: Venomous Maximous
Cocoon pod: Playdoh and automotive glue
Scorpion claws/tails: Sand Scorpions set.

As everyone remembers from G.I. Joe the movie, Golobulus is shown fleeing either for refuge or running away from the fight. Regardless, in a new diostory I am working on; he along with Pythona, Nemesis Enforcer and Royal Guard return to wreck havoc on a new G.I. Joe team called Steel Brigade.

I do like Golobulus. He is an awesome but cruel character. What brought me to make this custom, I took the Venomous Maximus arms and put them with the Serpentor torso and presto, I said to my self...Golobulus. So that is how my custom came about. I was having problems coming up with his snake park but I will work on that later on on my next custom of him.

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