Head:GTG custom
Hands, entry tools: bbi
.357: Maruader Inc
Main weapon: bbi custom

The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, otherwise known as NAVSPECWARDEVGRU, the NSWDG, or simply as DEVGRU, is the United States Navy's premier Counter-Terrorism unit. It is officially stated to have been formed after S.E.A.L. Team Six was "disbanded".

However all Spec Ops operators know S.E.A.L. Team Six was not disbanded, just re-tasked as the G.I. Joe team. Each member of the G.I. Joe team has a specific mission specialty within the many tasks and trainings of a Navy S.E.A.L.

I saw the new Plague Troopers 6-pack and saw the gear for the Steel Brigade guys and thought" Urban SEALs!"
Here is another on of them. I tried a digital cammo pattern on this guy.
I think it turned out ok. I dig John's new .357 too!

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