Whole figure: Cobra Officer

Ok, this was most probably my first ever custom, made back in the 80's when I didn't know that customizing existed, and just had some spare figures, and some color markers on hand.

My brother used the same colored markers on one of his spares, a Storm Shadow, that's still displayed on his shelves, with cloak and Chewbacca's rifle. Anyway, this isn't really about that.

I just figured I should have this figure here along with my other customs since he was the first, though I know it really didn't take any imagination making this figure back then.

This figure has remained nameless until last year, when I decided to add a scar, and make him my Scarface. It also used to have Darth Vader's black cloak, and a large golden Musketeer-type sword (to fight with my brother's gun-toting custom), but I decided to remove them.

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