Head: BBI Elite Force
Torso/arms: Salvo v1
Legs: Flint v1
Boonie hat, goggles, flippers, diving harness, holster, and pouches: BBI Elite Force
Web gear and harness: Snake Eyes v23
Machine gun: Marauders, Inc.
Kayak and paddle: Power Team Elite

As I kid I always wanted a Wet Suit out of his diving suit, one that looked a bit more like a Navy S.E.A.L. out of the water, in combat fatigues...so I made my own!

I kind of made three-figures-in-one with Wet Suit here...one is diving gear, one suited for his kayak, and one in his combat fatigues in his Boonie hat. I like the head, he kind of looks like what I always pictured Wet Suit to look like.

Thanks for checking him out!

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