Head: OCS Crimson Guard 04 (modified)
Rest:: Cobra Officer 04
Officer 04AK47: Cobra Officer 04
Briefcase: Salvo 90
Helmet: J&R Cobra Officer
Trenchcoat: Killuminati (custom)

This custom was inspired from several different sources. First is the comic. I'd always wanted to do a Scarface but was never pleased with any of the customs I'd seen. Next was the prototype TRU Infantry Pack.

Having removable helmets was such a great idea, but they ultimately went another direction. After seeing an actual painted version a while back, it sparked my interest again.

I took a OCS Crimson Guard head, boiled it, then squooshed it a little. I slapped it on a Comic Pack Officer figure, added an old J&R helmet and Killumanti coat and he was good to go.

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