Head: Scalpel
Torso: Beach Head v7
Arms: Hi-Tech
Waist/Upper Legs: Dusty v7
Lower Legs: Sgt Hacker

Gun: Dr Mindbender v5
Gauntlet: V vs. V wrist communicator with modified blade from BAT v9

Number 12 in my Devil's Due customs

I really like the character of General Rey, and I'm glad to see he's back in the comics. He makes a great counterpoint to Joe Colton in the recent comics, and was one of the best things about the last few issues of the first DD run. I also like the ideas of his shadowy background (apparently soon to be revealed, although I don't suppose anybody will be greatly surprised by the answers) contrasting with his very absolute ideals.

I briefly considered making a version of the character in his Phoenix Guard uniform (to go with my collection of PG customs that will eventually materialise), but it's not really a very interesting look, so I went back to the earlier comics and resurrected his original high-tech armour look. The only thing I abandoned was that rather daft-looking helmet (although I kept it for the filecard - well, I never said I was logical about these things). There's a few bits that are familiar from other customs on the site, but I must admit I do like the knife gauntlet. An admission: the gauntlet was originally created for an abandoned version of Wraith, and, rather like the head of my Cobra de Aco figure, may return there when I get back to that character.

I created the filecard to fit the look of the figure, setting it at some point between issue 44 of the Devil's Due Real American Hero run and issue 16 of America's Elite.

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