Head: Blowtorch (BTR) modified
Entire body: Microman Material Force
Belt: Cross Hair (SpyTroops) modified
Boots: cut from Duke (JvC)
Helmet: Breaker (comic pack)
Vest: Gung-Ho (VvV)
Rifle: BBI
Knife: Heavy Duty (VvV)

The quintessential soldier, Grunt was a character I really wanted to give solid representation to in my 25th anniversary super-articulated G.I. Joe project.

The head felt like a nice compromise between Grunt's original brown-haired noggin and the blonde version we got in the recent comic pack. His facial expression seems to have a battle-hardened edge to it.

As with others in this project, the character's boots were probably the most difficult detail to nail down. Modifying the belt for a working knife sheath was a bit of a challenge as well.

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