Head/Torso/Arms: Corps
Legs: Payload v3
Waist: Ozone v3

Gun: Star Wars - Power of the Jedi - Aurra Sing

The second of my ventures into the hated world of Star Brigade, and I must admit that I've become rather fond of that codename. Truth to tell, this is less of a reinvention than a relatively similar remake using alternative parts. I'm not proud, but I've tried to make the filecard different at least.

The figure design just makes use of a number of Corps spaceman parts that I acquired for use in my Space Force customs; the torso has done duty on Hawkwind. The colour scheme is a tad lurid, but, as with Effects, I retained it in order to remain true to the original.

The original Blackstar was one of a generic series of pilots, although rather oddly his filecard did refer to him as an individual. I took this one step further and recreated him as a full one-off character, creating someone akin to the Red Shadows' Red Wolf. I've always felt that there's not enough individuals in the ranks of Cobra, and it does fit better with his status as an 'elite' pilot. I also removed the references to his not being human, although I balanced the omission with reference to genetic and cybernetic modification.

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