Head: Duke v13
Torso: Overkill v2
Arms: Heavy Duty v8
Waist: Firefly v6
Upper Legs: Nunchuk v3
Lower Legs: Zartan v4

Gun: BBI (modified)
Knife: Overkill v2

Number 11 in my Devil's Due customs

After his initial appearance in Devil's Due 28, Mariner hasn't returned to the pages of the comic, which suited me fine, as it gives a little leeway in creating him. I reworked him as something of a high-tech aqua trooper, and the rather odd choice of parts (especially the Overkill torso), does seem to have worked. The Mariner customs on the site so far are excellent, but I wanted to try something new instead of the Firefly torso. I used the legs for my Satan custom, but it seemed to work when repainted so I left them as they are.

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