Head: Footloose v1
Torso: Shipwreck v1
Arms: Gung Ho v7
Waist: Shipwreck v6
Legs: Frostbite v1

Hat: Cross Hair v1
Pistol/Vest: Power Force Elite World Peacekeepers
Shotgun: Flint v7 (modified to remove Sound Attack tab)

It has been suggested to me by the mysterious 'Stephen' that an interesting challenge might be try doing some of the unmade figures from 1994-95, such as the Battle Rangers. Examining some of the ideas, I was rather enamoured of Footloose and Dr. Mindbender (less so the Baroness, and Flint presents a parts problem), so I've decided to give it a go.

I've always been very fond of Footloose, mainly because he was very prominent in the Marvel UK comic of the late 1980s (which concentrated on the 1985-86 figures). He featured in that much more than in the US comic, where he seems to have been resented as he effectively replaced the frankly less interesting but established character of Grunt. It's a pity that it took until last year (Marauders repaint apart) to produce a proper new version of him.

The figure is based on the concept art for the Battle Rangers line, in which he does tend to look a bit like Gung-Ho, and which I've used for the filecard. I've tried to keep it to old-style parts (tried but failed; the waist was ready-painted and it seemed profligate not to use it), and I've used a repainted original head to provide continuity. The weapons are the closest match I can find to those in the picture. He's a basic but serviceable model, in my opinion; now for Dr. Mindbender.

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