Head: Skull Squad Trooper ('06 Con Exclusive) modified
Entire body: Material Force Microman
Helmet: Major Bludd (DTC)
Harness: pieces of two Leatherneck (VvV) belt straps and a belt cut from a Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper
Boots: cut from Recondo (SpyTroops)
Rifle: Viper (VvV)
Pistol: Maurauder .357

Soon after I started work on my super articulated renditions of the 13 original Joes for my 25th anniversary project, I realized they were going to need someone to fight. So I brainstormed several different iconic bad guys to customize in Microman form.

The Cobra Officer was actually something of an afterthought that happened when I realized I was going to have an odd number of blue bodies (and I really wanted an even number of Vipers, pictured below). But, as I started throwing parts together, I really grew fond of the look of this one and invested even more time in the details. Now it's one of my favorite figures from the whole project.

The hardest part was definitely the harness, which I wanted to look like the original and yet be both removable and functional (hence the working holster for the pistol).

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