Head: BBI
Torso: Major Bludd v1
Arms: Corps
Waist: Hi-Tech
Legs: Ozone v2

Vest: Power Force Elite World Peacekeepers
Computer: Dr Mindbender v5

My third of the Star Brigade customs, and, considering the rather basic figure that has resulted, a very tricky one. The original figure was more or less the last of the original 1982-94 run, and was bland repaint of Barricade. In doing this remake I've tried to keep to the spirit of the original figure, by retaining the rather bright colour scheme (although I draw the line at the neon green horrors of the original filecard), and varying the shades of blue used. As I've stated he's a civilian on the filecard, I also went down the Sparks route and decided not to give him a gun.

Some time ago, I conceived the idea of a non-military research and development member of GI Joe; I even made the figure, although its basic rubbishness meant that I never submitted it and it was disassembled and parts reused elsewhere. I'd like to think that Gears is that figure finally come to life. The filecard is fairly closely based on the original, only with all references to things Star Brigade removed for the sake of everyone's sanity.

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