Head: Star Wars - Power of the Force - Aurra Sing (modified)
Torso: Scarlett v4
Arms: Baroness v4
Waist: Destro v11
Legs: Agent Scarlett v1

Gun: Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire - Mara Jade

Number 13 in my Devil's Due customs

Creating female figures really has been a major challenge to my resourcefulness, one which thus far I have just about managed to survive. Dela Eden was no less difficult, but I was determined at least to finish off the Red Shadows' unholy trinity.

I decided to do the version of Miss Eden seen at the end of issue 43 of the Devil's Due run when I was unable to find a suitable substitute for her fur coat from her earlier appearances. I'd earmarked the Scarlett torso, with its 'open' front for the bodice that she wears, and the rest of the pieces just seemed to come together. The really big issue was her head. Having been unable to get hold of an Asajj Ventress Star Wars figure, which would have been perfect, I settled for the next best (and far more commonly available) thing, the Aurra Sing figure, which, following a haircut, fits the bill very nicely.

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