Head: Depth Charge v1
Torso: Iron Grenadier v2
Arms: Destro v11
Waist: Beach Head v7
Legs: Hi-Tech

Gun: Iron Grenadier v1
Helmet: Star Wars - Attack of the Clones - Captain Typho

This is my hundredth submitted custom to the site, and in celebration I had planned to attempt something astounding that would shock and amaze people and revolutionise customising forever. But in the end, being very lazy, I decided that I couldn't be bothered, and so I decided instead to do a relatively uninteresting version of a character nobody really liked (or even remembered) in the first place.

This chap completes my mini-project of four Star Brigade customs. The dreaded white paint made an unwelcome return, but in the end, this was a relatively straightforward figure, and I do like the way the paint job changes the feel of the Iron Grenadier torso. I used the helmet on my Red Wolf custom, so I felt it was OK to redeploy it here. The only other difference was to rewrite his filecard, to tone down the more extreme science fiction elements but still keep him relatively high-tech.

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