Head: Outback v1
Torso: Roadblock v4
Arms: Skidmark
Legs: Tunnel Rat v9 (Comic Pack)
Hat: BBI Elite Force
Guns: Marauder, Inc.
Paint: Model Masters Acrylic

I love the original RAH Shipwreck, but wanted to modernize him the way the DDP Joe series has! This is a much grimmer version of Shipwreck, a bit darker than the original figure or the cartoon portrayal of him.

I used an Outback v1 head for this figure. With the brown hair and beard it actually resembles Shipwreck pretty well. I had to sand down the top of the head and actually glue the hat on, so no removable cap on this custom, sadly. The sweater really captures the sailor/Navy look well and the colors fit perfectly, in my humble opinion.


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