Head- Outback 94
Torso- modified Duke 92 casting
Arms- Pathfinder 90
Waist- Leatherneck 00
Thighs- Flint 91
Feet- Roadblock 86
Backpack- Hard Drive 04
M-16 rifle- Comic Pack #3
Hose- Stereo antenna cord

Part of my Original 13 Joes Project.

The G.I. Joe team's communications expert.

The most difficult part to making Breaker was his head. I had planned to use the original Breaker's headset but after I got my hands on one for him, it sat awkwardly on his head and after several attempts, I ended up customizing both the head and headset into oblivion!. After getting another head, I decided to sculpt the headset from scratch onto the helmet and it worked out so much better this way.

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