This is the torso of a HeadHunter Stormtrooper, with the limbs and helmet of those Clones that killed Ki-Adi Mundi. The helmet has some bits from a MilitaryForce fig's gears et glued to it for the goggles and mouthpiece, as well as the rifle itself. The jetpack, I honestly don't remember the name of the fig; but I think it was a Kotobukiya bot I got on sale at Electronics Boutique a year or two ago.

It was after watching The Rocketeer, with that cool cartoon bit about flying Nazi troopers conquering Europe, that COBRA Commander initiated his Aerial Infantry division.

After beheading the officer that named the first unit of them 'Raptor-Vipers', CC decreed that 'Raptor' alone would be the name of the basic Aerial Infantry trooper, and the suffix for any and all specialties that stem from them.

It was when Firefly stole the particular recipe Iron Man used to coat his Stealth Armor, so that CC could proceed with the Stealth-Raptor division.

Members of this division are capable of sustained flight for 12 hours at 52,000 feet. Their armor absorbs all radar frequencies in current military and civilian use, mask 98% of their infrared signature, and 47% of their ultraviolet signature. Their flightpacks have a whisper-quiet mode so they can launch and land without giving away their presence; although they cannot achieve cruise or evasive speeds while in that mode.

Their rifle uses maglev technology to launch bullets with no recoil and the bullets are actually mini-missiles capable of in-flight course-correction, to adjust for varying windspeeds from firing from so high. Their helmets have a visual acuity to pick out a human target inside a modern office building and take him out from a range of 30,000 feet. At the time of this writing, only 5 Raptors have qualified for the Stealth-Raptor specialty.

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