When I first saw the head sculpt for the comic pack Dragonsky figure, I thought it really resembled Jason of TAPS, from the SciFi TV show Ghost Hunters. I showed my wife and she agreed! Being big fans of the show, I thought I'd try a tongue-in-cheek custom of the two founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

I knew what head I'd use for Jason, but Grant was a little more tricky. In the end, I went with a Thunder v1 head. It sort of looked like him, not exactly, but it was close enough. With the clothes, (especially the TAPS jacket) I thought it looked pretty cool!

General Flagg v1's leather jacket was a close match for Jay's in the show, and the hat was perfect. I made the pants into jeans and that was pretty much it.

To finish them off I gave them some "investigation gear" and then they were done and all ready to hunt some ghosts!

Thanks for checking them out, it was a lot of fun to make them!

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