Head: Hi-Tech
Torso: Depth Charge
Arms: Hacker
Waist: Firefly (JvC)
Legs: Switch Gears
Feet: Chap Mei? Astronaut
Helmet, clipboard, backpack: same astronaut fig.

The torso and arms should look familiar: they were first used on my Spacenok, Twitch. Since I have no plans to blast my 'noks in space any time soon, I reappropriated these parts to begin work on the Joes' real astronauts.

At first, I'd tried to dremel out the bottom of the helmet's attachment to the figure's torso, but that proved too difficult. Instead, I went to the green stuff. I sculpted a connection for the torso with the putty, then chose to keep the golden details of the original astronaut figure. The chest unit is also from said figure, where it appeared on his thigh.

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