Since there simply aren't any good-looking Joe figs in suits, much less rumpled suits, I've gone with the 'SWAT' look for Gordon.

He's the bottom half of JvC Slice, the upper half of DTC Barrel Roll with v1 BR's forearms, and a bbi head with some sculpy. The glasses (which I'm totally unsatisfied with) are scratchbuilt with 1mm plexi and some wire.

Several years prior to moving to Gotham and joining the Police Department, it's known that James Gordon served in with a 'Special Forces' unit. Gordon is a fairly private man, and doesn't like to speak of his time with the 5th Special Forces Group headquartered at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

However, it's known that his brief but commendable service under then-Lieutenant Clayton Abernathy is why Gordon was singled out as the GCPD liaison to the DEF when they set up operations in Gotham nearly two years ago.

Since then, Gordon's shown himself to be one of the few clean cops in a city grown increasingly corrupt, cynical, and brutal. Now, hearing reports of a giant bloodsucking bat creature that preys on criminals, he wonders if the city hasn't gone mad as well.

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