This is VvV GungHo's head, Comic Pack Destro's head on JvC Destro's torso, hindarms, and thighs. With JvC Heavy Duty forearms, JvC Depth Charge pelvis, and boots from an InToyz SWAT guy.

The pistol is also InToyz, and the missiles are from Depth Charge's jetski.

The 'reliquary vault' is the bottom of that weird 'Africa' Gundam from a few years ago

I don't think I need to change anything about Destro's origin to cram him into my Asunder-verse; but Destro does have a standing bounty of 20 million pounds to anyone that can bring him the mask of Doctor Doom(do they even use pounds in Scotland? Is it possible an American can be so dumb about our closest cultural releative as to not know? Why yes, yes it is possible!). Destro feels the peasant Doom's use of a mask (that looks remarkably similar to older versions of the Clan McCullen Mask) is an effrontery to to himself and his ancestor's suffering. And Destro will not be insulted on the world stage for long.

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