Largely a Maj Barrage fig, with JvC w1 t-crotch Duke's boots and the HydroShrinked Marvel Legends Punisher head.

The bike is Showdown Wolvie's and the gear is from an InToyz SWAT fig. The Skull is a Googled image printed onto label paper, sealed/glued to the fig, and painted over for complete effect.

Frank Castiglione was a decorated veteran of numerous tours of duty, starting out in the Army and transferring to the Marines afterward. It was during Castiglione's Army tour that he served under then-Lieutenant Clayton Abernathy. Abernathy remembered Sgt Castiglione's professional demeanor, demanding standards, and efficient accuracy in executing his military objectives.

So impressed with him, in fact years later Abernathy had selected him as his first choice for his newly-commisioned Task Force Delta team's First Shirt. Castiglione had originally wanted to retire from military life with his wife and daughter, but Abernathy's offer to return to meaningful service had lured him to stay.

Castiglione and his family were home with Castiglione's parents in Brooklyn celebrating his decision (and promotion in rank and pay) and had decided to visit Central Park for a picnic. They were enjoying their meal when a car barreled thru them, with gun-firing police officers in pursuit. His wife and daughter killed under the car, Frank swore revenge on whom he would later learn were Dreadnoks Local 313 making their getaway from a botched bank robbery.

Castiglione never did report for muster with Col Abernathy at GI Joe's founding, and luckily Duke was available to fill in for the emergency. The Dreadnoks did escape their pursuers; but they were all found dead with a rap sheet pinned to their chests or foreheads within a few weeks of each other, some 4 months later. Castiglione's officially been listed as legally 'presumed dead', and his assets were disposed of to various blind trusts and foreign accounts. But there have been rumors of him working his way up the Dreadnok hierarchy, and learning of their organizational relationship to COBRA; and seeking his own justice against them all.

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