This is the RevolTech Soltic Dougram with the head of one of them Steel Brigade nimrods from the 6pack. Just your typical 'rip the head off and hollow it out to make a helmet' jobbies here, folks.

Once it was discovered that Firefly had infiltrated Area 51 and installed a WiFi transceiver to the main database, numerous projects were abandoned, revised, or rushed to completion. One of the latter was the GroundPounder II armor suit.

Unfortunately, this same suit's schematics had been sold to the Russians several months previously by COBRA Commander (altho he kept all the really innovative details to himself for COBRA's use); and they had used the added knowledge to complete their own already-in-progress Red Rocket program. So, right off the bat, the GroundPounder II's supremacy on the battlefield was called into question.

With the Joint Chiefs enthusiasm deflated, only one suit was brought into full production; and Tech Sergeant John Miller was assigned to the BattleForce 2100 testbed unit, largely for PR reasons.

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