Head - Buzzer (Comic Pack)
Arms - Buzzer (Comic Pack)
Torso - Buzzer
Waist - Buzzer
Legs - Buzzer

Why a Crimson Dreadnok? Why NOT a Crimson Dreadnok!? I always loved the Dreadnoks and Buzzer most of all. As a kid Buzzer always played a big part in my play adventures and that has influenced how I use him now. Hama wrote up an excellent file card for Buzzer, rather than going the easy way and making him an imbecile, he made him a highly educated man, disillusioned with society. I took the educated aspects of him and used that to explain his making some very influencial contacts within Cobra's upper echelons. Truthfully though, he dyed his own uniform red just to irritate Tomax, and has no true function within the Crimson Guard.

Buzzer was given a swivel wrist to make the chainsaw positioning a little more practical.

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