Base figure: PTE
Armor and helmet: Upsized 3" Halo Spartan (certain armor sculpted with putty).
Head: BBI

From the hit series HALO, I decided to make an accurate set of Spartans. I got the height about right (Spartans are about 7' tall).

I used the BBI head because I felt it flowed with the look of the character. The PTE base came in handy because of its bulk and articulation. Each one of these figures took over 12 hours to make- but was well worth it.

So far I've got, pictured, red, green and blue figures finished. In the future I plan on making white, black, yellow and a camo version.

For now I gave them Joe weapons, but I'd like to replace those with 1:18th versions of the actual HALO weapons.

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