Head: Baroness v4
Hair: Scarlett v4
Torso/Arms: Bombstrike
Waist: Neurotoxin
Legs: Wet-Suit v1

Gun: Bombstrike

The fifth in my Real American Hero mini-project, and the actual originator of the whole thing. Having transferred the Baroness hair to Scarlett's head for my Mayday custom, I reversed the swap, and then scouted about for an idea. Since whatever character I created would bear a resemblance to the Baroness, I decided it would be best to take advantage of what already existed, hence Chameleon. From there, I decided to try to recreate the other less-than-perfect figures in that range.

The figure has been conceived to be fairly minimalist in design, as she's supposed to be in a stealth infiltration-type suit, and so I only added a little bit of metallic detail and some red highlighting in deference to the original design. I've also reworked her filecard a little, changing explicit references to her heritage into mere speculation, and making her less of a specified spy in Cobra ranks, and more of an Agent Faces-style undercover operative in general.

Having completed the five-figure RAH project, I've now discovered a sixth figure needing attention. Coming soon--Vypra...

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