Head: Agent Scarlett v1
Torso/Arms: Bombstrike
Waist: Overkill v2
Legs: Destro v11

Gun: Razorclaw v1
Knife: Hi-Tech
Waistcoat: Star Wars - 25th Anniversary- Han Solo

Number 14 in my Devil's Due customs

The first of my Phoenix Guard customs, which I've posted to the 'Others' category, since they don't really fit GI Joe, or any of the other specific groups (any chance of a new sub-category being created?). Of course, those of us who are following the comics know the truth about Friday and friends now (no great surprise to be honest), but I've chosen to present the team in their early, pre-revelation phases, hence the style of the filecards.

I now have another female torso, having been able to acquire a Bombstrike figure, which is a bit of a blessing. The figure is fairly similar to John Mounier's version, based on her first appearance in the comics. I tried to paint the Phoenix Guard symbol onto her shirt, but it came out a mess, so in the end, I chickened out. Apart from that, and her rather overdone eyebrows, I'm fairly pleased with the final result.

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