Head: Spirit
Torso, Arms: BJ Roadblock
Waist, Legs: HAS Snake-Eyes
Weapons: Marauder, Inc.

Spirit is 2nd Team Recon for the current Steel Brigade roster. His primary objective to make sure that all enemy operatives have been 'accounted for' during SB assaults.

The Steel Brigade is an international strike force formed to specifically shut down Destro and MARS, and stem the tide of WMDs, as well as conventional and experimental weapons, in the world. The SB is funded and overseen by The United Nations SB Committee, with major backing by the US, UK, and Russia. The Steel Brigade is a revolving 15 member team, composed of 2 Base Soldiers, 3 Skyhawk Drop Pilots, a 5-man 1st Strike Team, and a 5-Man 2nd Team, or Clean-Up Crew.

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