Head: Han Solo (on a Joe Neckball)
Torso: Single pack Snake Eyes (SpyT)
Arms: Tunnel Rat (JvC)
Waist: Sgt. Hacker
Legs: Flint (SpyT)

Helmet: Countdown v1

I wanted to choose a head for Countdown which really screamed 'Space Jock', which led me of course to everyone's favorite smuggler pilot. :) He's actually the second of several SW head donors (the first being Mayday's Padme), but he sort of ushered in several other SW to Joe conversions that I'm working on (namely, Mr. Samuel L Jackson as a tank gunner.)

I also tried to choose parts which complimented the moon boots I already knew I wanted to use. The partial orange is akin to NASA's all-orange space suits.

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