Acrylic Paint

Munnies are super-deformed, do-it-yourself toys created by KidRobot. Though I initially started using the figures as super hero templates, munnies seemed to be a perfect fit to bring a different style to G.I. Joes and (particularly) Cobras.

I've already been a fan of the original H.I.S.S., whom I consider an under appreciated member of the Cobra legion. So I really dig that they ultimately released a repaint, with an original name no less. I really like the colour scheme in particular, and how it mirrors his "brother". This is my sixth Munny custom. And like all my munnies, I tried to respect his "origins" while adding some detail, hence the Cobra logo on his helm (not to mention a rank insignia on his right arm and a triangular logo on his left).

Pictures are as follows:

* Munny Rip It (with standard Rip It for comparison)
* Munny Cobras all in a line
* File Card

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