03 Cobra Commander Head
02 Firefly Chest & Arms
Blackout Waist & Legs

Switch Gears M-16
Blackout Pistol
Headhunter Backpack & Shotgun
Wide Scope Shield

Back in 03 I figured that the Headhunters needed an update, so I threw him together one afternoon. First time he didn't take that long, mainly because I just painted around the silver parts with black and touched up with leather, but later had found out about their blue necks so I took him down to be painted. It was around then I'd been sidetracked by projects and life, and completely forgotten about him. Just recently I found him while digging for parts. He would have been submitted earlier, but in response to some nit-picks I decided to paint over the silver with gold and wanted to get him the originals backpack and weapon.

I apologize for the less-than-quality main picture for him... the new scanner/printer hates me.

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