Main Body: Robo Cop toy ( Cant remember which one)
Right Arm: BF 2000 Skysweeper gun
Left Arm: Two Avalanche Gatling guns
Right/Left Shoulder pop-up grenade launchers: Sgt. Slaughter Equalizer
Head pop-up flame thrower: Misc. Cobra gun
Stickers/Decals: Salvaged from other GI Joe parts

I always liked the idea behind Robo-JOE, just not the figure.

After being nearly killed in a space battle against Cobra, Robo-JOE went to a full conversion Cyborg. Salvo wishes he had this kind of firepower to take into battle.

Right Arm: 2x 30mm chain guns, 1x laser target designator
Left Arms: 2x Vulcan 20mm Gatling cannons, 1x 7.62mm machine gun, one utility claw
Right/ Left Shoulders: 2 x triple banks of 40mm grenade launchers.
Head: Flamethrower
Center: 1x 7.62mm machine gun
Back: 2x laser homing surface to surface anti-armor missiles

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