Head: Desert Scorpion (modified)
Arms: Countdown (1989)
Torso and waist: Aero-Viper
Legs: Nullifier (v1)

Weapons from Marauder Inc.

You know that chill you get down your back for no reason? Or that feeling that you're being watched? If you're a member of the G.I. Joe team, then it's all Shiver's fault. After being trained by Black Ice, Shiver has become the ultimate expert at gathering and transmitting information related to the national defense of Canada.

While that may seem like a joke to many, Cobra has been extremely unsuccessful at doing so for the last 25 years. Until Shiver came along. Perfecting his stealth and infiltration skills, Shiver has been inside many places that not even some high ranking politicians or military personnel have even heard of!

At the annual Cobra "hand to hand" tournament, Shiver took second place, being defeated only by his mentor, Black Ice.

*Storm Shadow did not enter the tournament.
** This was the figure for the 2007 Canadian Joe Meet : Limited to 30

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