Head, Torso: VvV Scarlett
Waist: VvV Jinx (modded)
Arms: Bombstrike
Legs: VvV Baroness

Vypra is the daughter of one of the original Crimson Guard. Her father was killed when she was only five years old in a GI Joe raid on Springfield. After his death, her family remained under the watchful eye of the Crimson Twins. When she was ten years old, she approached Storm Shadow and asked if she could learn martial arts so she could take revenge on those who killed her father. Cobra Commander caught wind of this plan and took her in and began to raise her as his adopted daughter. He allowed her to begin learning from Storm Shadow and discovered she had many hidden skills that he decided he could take advantage of. The first being her anger and plan for revenge and willingness to kill. The second, she showed a knack for getting in and out of areas that were supposed to be off limits to her. Cobra Commander decided to take more measures to ensure her training was put to good use, for him. He hired Firefly to train her in the art of sabotage and infiltration and had Black-Out hone her marksmanship skills. She quickly became one of Cobra's deadliest operatives. It also ensured he had someone he could trust as a bodyguard, where Storm Shadow's loyalty was sometimes in question. He kept her on a short leash and kept promising her the revenge she sought, even though it never came. These failed promises ensured she never completely embraced the Cobra ideology. She learned to keep her mouth shut and keep to the shadows and observe. She grew more frustrated at not being allowed to carry out her plan for revenge that she began to look for a way out of Cobra Commander's inner circle and grasp.

After the Serpentor debacle, Cobra Commander had him reprogrammed so he could ultimately keep him under control. However, he still didn't trust the Cobra Emperor fully and assigned a garrison of hand picked troops to watch and contain Serpentor while serving Cobra Commander. These troops were dubbed The Coil. But, Cobra Commander decided he needed to have someone even closer to the Emperor and someone who could eliminate him if the need should arise. He assigned Vypra as Serpentor's personal bodyguard and assassin, with one single order: If he should attempt to overthrow Cobra Commander, Serpentor was to be killed immediately.

In time however, the reprogramming began to be overcome by Serpentor's born desire to rule and conquer. He was able to win Vypra's allegiance by promising her the revenge she had always longed for. The only thing he asked was she allow him the time needed to gain enough power to withdraw from Cobra completely and crush the organization. She decided her chances of revenge are better with the Emperor than with Cobra Commander, so she agreed to side with Serpentor, letting him know that she would not tolerate the same empty promises Cobra Commander gave her. With that, she gained much respect from the Emperor and he gained an ally. In the meantime she puts on the facade of being loyal to Cobra Commander with him being oblivious to her betrayal. But even though she has turned her back on his ideology, she is still indebted to him for giving her the opportunities he did. The one thing she made clear to Serpentor from the start: No matter what happens, she will not kill Cobra Commander...for now.

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