Head-BBI WWII Deniro Mohawk paratrooper

Chest- JvsC Recondo

Upper and Left Arm-BTR Hollow Point

Lower Right Arm-JvsC Flint

Waist-JvsC Viper

Upper Legs-Crosshair

Lower Legs-VvsV Gung Ho with repositioned shoes.

Gun-Marauder John

Nightstick-DTC Mutt

Helmet-RAH Mutt figure

Chest Knife-BBI

Mutt is another pretty cool character and was in the series that really started to make GiJoe what it turned into. Instead of generic looking soldiers all in basically the same uniforms, we started to get the characters personalities reflected in the figure and the uniform choices.

I didn't despise the DTC Mutt figure but I felt that it just missed the boat. Mutt is a gruff and growling type of character. I just didn't see him as a young guy.

Since Mutt is a Cop, I also wanted to try and get a Cop feel for the figure. I bust my one friend who is a Cop because when he is "in cop mode" he has his arms out and is all squinty-eyed. For Mutt I wanted to get that same "vibe" across.

The torso was totally re-sculpted and the only remaining pieces are the shirt lapels. I also wanted to give the brown vest a slight leather look, so I kept it kind of shiny. Its tough to see in the pictures but I also added more shirt detail at the end of the vest and then needed to continue the vest around to his back so that it would blend well with the front.

I needed to cut off the canteen from the left leg and I added a nice pocket instead. Lastly the helmet was quite an endeavor since it was too big and I needed to cut it in half, glue it together and then sculpt back over it so that it would look intact and decent.

It's a small detail also, but I added some scratch marks and bite marks on his left arm-guard, figuring that Junkyard had used it for a chew toy during training.

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