Head: Red Spot
Torso: Hi-Tech
Arms: Hard Drive w/BBI hands
Waist, legs: ST Tele-Viper
Backpack: Bombstrike
Laptop, PDA: Bbi
SOCOM Pistol: Marauder, Inc.

Following the defeat of Cobra and the break-up of the GI Joe team in 1987, Sci-Fi opted not to re-enlist and went into private industry with his extensive knowledge of electronics paving the way. Never content to stick to just what he knew he continually branched out, learning about a myriad of devices and systems until there wasn't much left that had a circuit board he didn't know about.

In the mid-1990s he opened his own company, specializing in alarm and security systems, eventually expanding to include a variety of other systems for commercial and industrial use. Fine Systems made a fortune in the market, surviving even the market slumps that hit during the Third World War, building up again following the war as rebuilding in Russia and China began. Fine Systems also began taking on extensive military contracts, which suddenly made Sci-Fi nostalgic for his military days as a laser trooper.

In 2000, he got his chance when the newly-elected President Joe Colton contacted him personally. They needed an underground facility upgraded: a base/living area hastily constructed during the war but never used, would be home to a new, specialized team the President was forming. Although the offer was ostensibly for Fine Systems, it was really aimed more at bringing the science-fiction loving, affable Sci-Fi back into the fold. Sci-Fi jumped at the chance; he'd be serving the Air Force this time, and after being brought up to speed with military training was granted status as a warrant officer. The next four years of his life would be spent turning the underground facility in the new PIT, to serve a new generation of Joes-and Sci-Fi would again be one of them.

Sci-Fi's main role with the Joes is support, handling electronics, security systems and whatnot. When not in the field he oversees maintenance and upgrades on PIT systems and Joe equipment. He remains the same easy-going guy he always was, a bit older maybe, and a lot richer, but still the same ol' Sci-Fi.

Notes: I did this one a while back, but have never gotten around to writing a bio. He's one of my favorites, though the original Sci-Fi wasn't; however, when you create a Joeverse steeped in supernatural/science fiction, you just NEED Sci-Fi in there as part of it.

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